Billy Van Heusen Team
Keller Williams - DTC

We feel that in most transactions, our clients become our friends. In this case, it's nice to hear what they have to say about working with the Billy Van Heusen Team: 

"I have used the Billy Van Heusen Team as my Real Estate Experts in Denver since 1991. They are the most hard working, friendly, and easy to be around people I have ever met in the industry. Billy negotiates in a fair and honest way! You would find it difficult to believe unless you saw our string of successes. Getting what I wanted at a fair price and selling at a price that I would never have expected. never one to pressure. Always Available. Professional. Reliable. Honest. A joy to work with!" 

                                                                                              ~Scott Hamilton, 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist. Denver Homeowner. 


"We were delighted to have Billy Van Heusen as our agent when my daughter bought her house. Billy has the the highest degree of professionalism and involvement in the process. His integrity is unquestionable. He went above and beyond to make the process smooth and hassle free for my daughter, a first time buyer. He has a great attention to detail and accuracy. You'd be delighted to have Billy work with you to buy a house. We were!!"

                                                                                              ~ Tom Keltner, CEO Americas & Global Brands, Hilton Hotels Corp.

"When we learned we had to relocate to the Denver area for our company our relocation agent assigned us a real estate agent to sell our house, one to find a new house and a moving agency. In our very first conversation the lady in Omaha told us, “I’m going to give you the best agent in the Denver Metro Area”. She was true to her word. In the painful process of looking for a new home in a non-voluntary relocation situation such as ours we looked forward to seeing Billy on every trip. Not only did he bust his backside to show us everything we wanted to see but he did it in a very professional and cordial manner. But that’s not even the best part. We truly looked forward to his company and the great stories he had to tell. When one looks back at the people they’ve met, the ones that stick out are the characters. When we meet with friends and family we repeat many of these stories and I can honestly say for myself as well as my wife that we are blessed to have had the good fortune of crossing paths with such a fine gentleman as Billy Van Heusen. This is not a testimonial, this is a fact."

                                                                                             ~ Tom & Joyce Allen, Ticus. 


"Billy Van Heusen was an excellent resource in our search for a place.  He was very patient and always available when we wanted to look through a place.  After we purchased a place, Billy turned on the heat during an extremely cold day while we were moving in from out of state."

                                                                                               ~Ben Vance, Kiewit 


“My family and I have moved 15 times in my career which has exposed us to many different realtors around North America. In all of our realtor dealings, none have been more pleasant, professional, and personal as it was dealing with Billy V. Simply put, HE Gets It! He understands the stresses that couples are going thru as well how important my wife’s opinions and feeling are during these transitional times.”Billy V set the gold standard for us on how we should be treated by a realtor. We made a friend for life after our experience.I wish we could take Billy to every destination we land….in fact I may!"

                                                                                              ~Chris Leoffler, Kiewit

"Billy Van Heusen did an outstanding job helping Linda and I locate our new home in Castle Rock, Co. Billy is very patient as Linda and I looked through many houses in several different areas of town, writing offers on three different properties . He worked tirelessly through the Holidays, late at night, and did whatever it took to accommodate our schedule. He offered advice when appropriate. He had contacts for local services such as painting, floor finishers, etc. He is very familiar with our relocation company. Billy also has one of the best inspection people in Girvan Kroesing. Girvan was very thorough and kept us from getting a property that had many issues. For a comfortable relocation experience we would recommend Billy."

                                                                                            ~Kevin Swaving, Kiewit


"Being a single parent of twins, Billy made our families move to the Denver area extremely pleasant (and moves are rarely pleasant).  His knowledge of the area, the market – even by micro area, and in getting a “deal” done was top notch.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use Billy again if I ever relocate within Denver and I have recommended him to other people I know moving to this city.

You will not go wrong using Billy and his whole team as your realtor of choice."


                                                                                            ~Greg Bullock  Sr. Sponsor / Industrial Estimating Manager